REFLEX Album and Plans Going Forward


REFLEX Album and Plans Going Forward

Some of you may have seen that I have updated my streaming pages (Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify etc.) with all of my releases since I started releasing music on the internet.

The Lazershark EP and Full Russian EP were some of the tracks that were missing, among other remixes and such.

I also added another release which is a compilation of the standout tracks that I put out during my Newgrounds period, before I got into dubstep and bass music seriously. A lot of people followed me in those days and let me know that they listen to these tracks so I decided to release this album. The album is called ‘REFLEX’ and is backdated so it shows before all my bass music releases on my streaming pages.

REFLEX is also available on Soundcloud.

The most extensive list of my tracks that I have put out is this Youtube playlist where the number almost reaches a hundred.

Going forward, my next plans are to produce a sample pack and patch pack made up of all my recent sounds in my dubstep projects. I also have a list of projects that I am planning on making available for education purposes, where it’s looking like the only required software will be FL Studio and Massive. So for example, you will be able to buy the FLP for some of my songs, and you will be able to go in and see how I made the track in a general sense.

In the meantime, I will be working on these things, have a great weekend guys and girls!